Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The bridge is aaout! Get in the chopper! It's gonna blaaow!

So there I was, stalking people on facebook, when I decided to give one of its apps, Graffiti, a go. Seems popular enough. Not a bad little program, but it ain't Photoshop. Still, I'm not one to blame my tools.

Happily sketching away, and the results is what you see below. Above is a slightly more polished version, with the help of Photoshop. You'll have to forgive me on the terrible design of the bridge, it kind of lost its' sense of scale because of that. I have no idea how they're suppose to look like. It seemed so much better in my mind. Someone willing to give me a short lesson in industrial design 101? Might have to leave it for now.

Needs more polish, I need more sleep, starving children need food, world needs saving. It's on my to do list.

Facebook graffit sketch

Photoshop colour draft
Near complete


Franky said...

Dude, that is Farken Awesome!!!..
Unfarken Real Man!

Linhy said...

I love how the choppy turquoise waters settle into a calm brown. You should be on deviantART, if you aren't already.

Yara Thaing said...

I remember Luis was browsing through deviantArt a few years ago. Seems to be a lot of photographic works there. Just don't feel like I belong there.

Linhy said...

Yeah but that was a few years ago Yara. Last time I checked they were showing not only traditional photography, but a lot of "digital art", which I think your work would be classified under. Those works would look great as canvas prints too, with the right resolution.

Meh, why am I praising you so much? :P

By the way, you'll never guess who I'm with now.

Angier said...

that bored are we? only i may praise his work :P I've got this picture remind me to upload it, it looks exactly like that window sill painting you did ages ago. uncanny

Tamah said...

Good words.